A Woman's World (E-Book)

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"A Woman's World has a plot that slowly develops throughout the book and leaves readers with a cliffhanger ending. Each character and fictional beast is strongly developed throughout the story. This story encompasses everything it takes to be a woman."

-literary critic Bella Arnold (for Reader's Favorite Award)

” An incisive and inspiring novel that wields the fantastic to convey a timely and challenging vision.”

-legendary horror author Ramsey Campbell

"A mesmerizing, addictive, and engaging read, author Lynne Hill-Clark’s “A Woman’s World” is the perfect first entry into a whirlwind YA Fantasy series. The novel holds a steady yet entertaining pace as the author introduces more and more elements to the world’s mythology, and the shocking cliffhanger final chapter will leave readers breathless for the next entry in the series. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!"

— On Request journalist & author Anthony Avina

Product Details

Title: A Woman's World

Author: Lynne Hill-Clark

Publisher: Future Classics Publishing

Format: EPUB

Language: English

Category: Fantasy Romance, Historical Fantasy

Published Date: 8/21/2021

Pages: 341

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Baya is not sure she wants the life her mother has planned for her.

She has been prepared her entire life for three trials.

That’s all … only three ancient tests in three days.

A lifetime worth of work over in a matter of days. Easy right?

Then she will officially be a woman and in line to become the ruler of the world

… or she’ll be dead.

But what if she doesn’t want either of those options?

If she can survive the trials, that’s when the real challenges will begin.

This is a story of survival, love and loss.