The Lords and Commoners Trilogy  

 Humans Have Always Had to Battle Plagues 


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Live through the ages with a group of immortal vampires as they secretly rule the earth and struggle to maintain the fragile balance between the vampire kingdom and the mortals who sustain them. 


This trilogy gives you a front row seat to the Byzantine Empire of Medieval Europe and takes you right up to an apocalyptic future, with many twists that are impossible to see coming. The key is to uncover the mysterious origin of the vampire race — which could save them all.


The Lords and Commoners Series is dramatic fiction with a realistic tone, designed to entertain and thrill.

This book was exactly what I was looking for. A breath of fresh air, as it tells the tale of a commoner thrust into a world of lords and vampires. It spans many years with many historical events, times, and places not like your average twilight telling in a high school back ground. I would recommend this book to anyone.

— Sanders

The series comes to a conclusion and sacrifices are made to bring back balance between humans and vampires. Definitely a page turner. The betrayals are shocking and the truths about existence really make this book amazing. 340 pages finished in a couple hours, that’s how good this book is! I highly recommend this series!
— Avg_lady

A Fresh Spin on Vampire Tales That Will Hook You Fast!

— Podunovich

A true page turner that was hard to put down.

— Beavers


I cannot wait to read the next one. Fast paced reading about an unfamiliar world. It seems like it could be real!

— Mbhutches



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